Virgil's Coast

Turn Loose The Virgil.



I'm so tired after the weekend, although I had to sleep tonight. But when the bell rang at seven o'clock in the morning so I thought it was some sort of sick joke! Knew that I had just put my head on the pillow! But no, I would obviously up, and I felt so not even well-rested! Just getting to work. Day hauled down and when the bell finally rang out so I could barely get to the subway. Haha talk about failed human being! Now I lie on the couch with your lap, glass in hand and the TV ...


So I was reading about a guidelines asthma treatment and I just that, that, that was so intressting so i took a picture of it and i did send it to my sister because her son has asthma so i that she could find something good from the text that i did just send her, my mum is so funny because she is the one that started with this sending photos so now i do that like all the time, when i see something, i do send it to my sister and mum, and my brother sometimes, but my ...